Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We have a tent!

Our remade awning

After months of working on the project, things are really taking shape. We have been cooking up some dinners for the family in the garden these last weeks. We were pleased to successfully erect our 'remade' awning just a few days ago. 

Garden cookery
After Aprils rain, realising we might just need a rain cover, we rummaged around and were lucky enough to find an old, colourful, A-frame tent, which had belonged to the village playing field association in Pete's village. Having just invested in new tents, this was surplus to requirements - lucky us!

We wanted to lose some of it's weight, but retain enough shelter to protect us in poor weather (but probably not a big storm...)  There were grand plans of having this as our main tent, and being able to pack it down for night...but in the end, these were a little ambitious and we settled for the design shown above, by removing the front entirely, reducing the sides to triangles and using longer poles to give us some head room.

This weekend we went for some music and city fun in Bristol...taking in 'Vegfest' a free food and music event down by the harbour. We made a lucky observation, the stalls had their names up high - to be seen over the crowd, so i'm now sewing us a banner to go along the top! 

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  1. Hi Ali and Ben,

    This is just awesome! Great work. I particularly like the hitch, man that really is a thing of beauty! Having towed a mass produced bike trailer around Amsterdam for a while, it really looks solid. I'm getting involved in a whole lot of bike activism in Cape Town (my bit is bike polo, but the overall aim is getting more people on bikes for more reasons). We're getting some electronic stuff up soon, so will send you a link.

    All the best for the cycling and the cooking - two of my very favourite things!

    Glen (Tyler :-)