Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cycling into the Sunrise

Day 1 Mileage 40

We left South Wales in high spirits, despite the threat of rain (which came) a beautiful but tough start throughhilly Monmouthshire. We were off to Sunrise Celebration, where we will be showcasing our kitchens technology and running workshops.

Passing Tintern Abbey

 We arrived at our nights destination after 7 hours cycling, not bad concidering the trailer weighs about 65kg's! Looking like drowned rats on arrival, we dried by the fire and refuled,we were warmly hosted by my Aunty and Uncle. The next day the weather was looking a little better, we set of knowing we had a long day, at least 60 miles to go.

Day 2 60 Miles

Puncture repair
 Unfortunatly around the avonmouth area we took the cycle toute through little paths linking industrial estates, where lots of strimming had been freshly...we walked out bikes but couldn't keep the weight of the trailer from the ground so unfortunatly we got a puncture.

You can't actually read it, but on the somerest motorway behind the sign read 'WARNING, delays on the M25'
Not on national cycle route 26!

12 hours later, we arrived at our resting place!
2 of the most physically challenging days of our lives, but we were still in one piece and ready to get going to Sunrise. Hope to see soon of you there! 

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