Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pedalling to Pick up Sticks

Trip Mileage: 119miles.

Through wind and rain, and thankfully some sun, the Pedallers made it up to our first event of the season 'Pick up Sticks'. A wondrous gathering of friendly, hard-working individuals coming together to live, learn, cook, eat, play and be together at the newly re-established Earthworm Housing Co-Op, Leintwardine, Herefordshire.  

For us it was an opportunity to test the road worthiness of the trailer, the stamina of our legs and to start share our project with people in REAL life (i.e. not through this blog..) We can now safely say that the trailer is road worthy, and kept everything (almost) dry despite a full day cycling through the rain. Our mental strength was tested somewhat on that wet second day on discovering we had taken the wrong road out of Hereford, adding over 10 miles to the journey, but we managed to keep up our spirits, singing through the rain till we reached our destination. Although it was hard going, we now know it is totally possibly to travel by bike and still arrive with the kitchen sink!

We'd like to say thank you to our Hereford hosts, whose hospitality enabled us to make the journey.

We couldn't have picked a better first trip, to share a weekend with people, some unknown at first, and some old friends, where the focus is on balance between more than one element; of fun, and work and play. So often our lives are divided, different parts serving different roles. work = money, party = fun.
The focus of the weekend was to share work on the grounds of the house, knowledge and skills whilst living, playing and eating communally.  Pedallers Kitchen contributed to the communal cooking, firing up a rocket stove oven which hadn't been used in a while to make Cake and sour-dough bread, giving us a crash course in full time rocket stove cooking. The outdoor kitchen at earthworm boasts the MOTHER of all rocket stoves...which did the majority of the cooking for the weekend.
Rocket StoveTASTic!
 We look forward to Pick up Sticks take 2!

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