Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our Garden, thou art a haven...

We're feeling proud this week, as at Green Gathering this weekend we'll be serving some of our very own home grown veggies!
We have been lucky to have expert advice on hand from my parents. Its been amazing to watch the space evolve and grow over the last 5 months, how fast nature is at getting to work....

Our little plot - part of the reclamation of unused land at Monmouth House
 This is after we'd planted 2 rows of Potato's, new potato's Kestrel and Premier, and some of Dad's estima's (second early) from last year. We were in the process of preparing the ground for the onions, they need a fine till so some hours were spent pulling out roots (of which there were many, as just a few months earlier this had been an overgrown hedge!) and hoeing the soil.
March - Watering our onions and garlic

We grew our onions from Onion Sets
Late June - harvesting 'Premier' new potato's

Our patch all grown up!

A sea of greens
What at big change! Despite the difficult season, and the slugs getting all but one of the beans, we have had a reasonable crop of Potato's, onions, garlic and cabbage, and we'll be harvesting sweetcorn in a few weeks.  

On the difficult season topic, things really are all a bit messed up. We defiantly need to remember to listen to mother nature when she's giving us a nudge......

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