Friday, 6 April 2012


Spring is springing and our project is well and truly under way. The trailer is built and the sides are going on. Nifty folding work surface is installed. Rocket stove finished and looking all sparkly, all set for cooking our first meal on it this evening (Beetroot Borscht).

Here's some pictures of the trailer building process:

Mocked up, pre-drilling

Abergavenny food festival signs happened to be the perfect size for the sides


We have been very fortunate in our acquisition of materials for the build. Our first stroke of luck was to find the perfect welded aluminium rectangle with cross pieces at the scrapyard, which has formed the base of the trailer. Further trips yielded more aluminium angle, and all this cost a grand total of £7! The uprights and some cross pieces came from old window frames. Thanks to my dad for hoarding more useful bits of aluminium and for the use of his tools, nuts, bolts and know-how.

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